Gas kiln (furnace) – 1300°C


This gas kiln is developed for grinding wheel firing.


This kiln is equipped with 4 high temperature burners, two temperature regulation zones, forced cooling system, kiln pressure regulation and additional control equipment.

Temperature regulation is standardly realized within PLC but on customer request we install program regulators. Kiln is built to achieve accurate temperature distribution within kiln volume. This kiln is used in production of grinding wheels from 20mm to over 500mm in diameter.

Kiln construction:

Kiln is built based on our construction system which excels in insulation quality and chassis robustness. This ensures long-term reliability and extremely long live cycle of our ovens especially when compared with other potential producers. For these temperatures (up to 1300°C) we have two construction systems which are both well tested and proved in exploitation.

Operating conditions:

This kiln, as are other ovens and furnaces of our production, is built for industrial usage in harshest condition, and in practically non-stop operation.


Installed burners are built for industrial application in high temperature environment, burners are built by reliable supplier.

Product transport

This kiln is equipped with charging cart which is built on such way to allow hand transport, wheel bearings are kept cool during complete temperature cycle, single person loading/unloading is possible.

Operating temperature:1300°C
Useful dimensions:1.6 x 1.6 x 1.0 [m]
Installed heating power:4 x 120 [kW] (gas high temperature burners)
Air flow:Burner flame and chimney generate proper airflow around products
Door opening system:Manually on a side
Kiln application:Firing of grinding wheels
Loading/unloading:Manual charging cart
Process control:With PLC (temperature, pressure)
Buyer:EU area

Here displayed kiln is only an example of kiln built on customer request, almost all of our products are built in dimensions and technical parameters based on customer requirements.
Deliver us your requirement to receive offer for oven custom made for your production.


Every oven/furnace/kiln from our production can be built as electric or gas oven.
Our ovens can be delivered with options:

  • Single/double winged doors or pneumatic opening of doors
  • Door locking
  • Automatic transport in/out of oven
  • Professional data logger
  • ON/OFF or continuous power regulation
  • Forced extraction or fumes
  • Forced cooling
  • Other requirements
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