Electric vehicle EKS 1001 is develop for wide range of applications:

EKS1001 is electric transport vehicle with weight capacity of 1500kg with loading area in dimensions 1250×1600 mm(standard dimensions), loading area can be longer/wider on request. Application can be on industrial, commercial or tourist based solution.

EKS 1001 can be towing vehicle for single or multiple trailers, and it is used as a basic platform for versions such as:

-tipper version – loading area can be tipped
-lifting platform
-crane truck
-mobile feeder on farms
-mobile refrigerator
-mobile kiosk

Traction motor can has nominal power  4,2kW or 6kW (continuous power)
For options with higher motor power please inquire

Main components of vehicle:

-rigid steel chassis built for endurance
-electric motor (AC) and transaxle
-inverter drive (converts battery voltage to AC voltage for driving motor )
-steering system


Braking system

-service brakes – two circle hydraulic brakes
-parking mechanical brake
-parking electro-magnetic brake
-motor braking (with energy recouperation)


-Spiral spring in front, leaf spring back (different solutions available)

Devices for safe vehicle usage:

-safety from vehicle movement while driver is not in driving position
-unauthorized usage is disabled with safety key
-front and back lighting


Loading area:

Floor of loading area is made out of waterproof plywood or steel ribbed plates

Vehicle can be equipped with steel sides which are easily removable

Battery access for replacement, service or maintenance is very easy

On customer request vehicle can be equipped with:

– opened or enclosed driver cabin
– increased size of loading area
– affixed or tilting loading area sides
– vehicle color (standard is white/black)

Driving on slopes:

Vehicle is equipped with automatic parking brake.
Automatic parking brake is automatically activated/released.
Request for driving automatically release brake and starts up/down slope without any driver intervention.
Brake is automatically activated as soon as vehicle stops or emergency situation is detected.

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