Specialty air heating


Specialty air heaters are developed to fulfil technical requirements of customer that our standard industrial heaters cannot fulfil.

Requirements for high power, high temperature or similar can be fulfilled with custom made solutions.

On picture you can see hot air generator with power of 100kW and output temperature of 200°C. This hot air generator is used for drying generator winding insulation on site of installation.

On customer request we develop air heater/hot air generator with required capacity, power, air flow or specific requirements.

Main specifications:
DesignationPGz – 100c
Length3100 mm
Width1450 mm
Height1910 mm
Air intakePipe diameter 200 mm
Air exhaustPipe diameter 200 mm
Heating power100 kW
Fan power4 kW
Operating temperature200°C
Temperature regulationAutomatic
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