Electric furnace (kiln) – 1300°C


This electric furnace is developed on request of customer involved into production of ceramic grinding stone products.

Furnace description:

Due to very long heat-treatment cycles furnace is built with dual door, dual trolley system which allows unloading and loading of one trolley while second is inside furnace. Trolley transport is manual, this is enabled by design of wheels which allows easy one-man loading and unloading of very heavy trolley while completely loaded. All electric equipment is factory prepared for fast and easy connecting on site.

Furnace construction:

This furnace is built with standard building system for 1300°C but it is specific due to fact it was delivered to Kenya where customer did positioning and commissioning by itself or via remote supervision(remote programming of control system).
Furnace is built in dry assembly system with multi insulation materials which allows optimal furnace weight and insulation characteristics while having internal walls which are highly resistant thermally and mechanically.

Dry assembly system allows high vibration resistance during transport of finished furnace and easy service of insulation material.

Heating elements:

Heaters are mounted on ceramic supports which are supported by specially formed mounting bricks. Heaters are made in-house from high quality Kanthal material. Due to proper sizing of heaters their useful life is very long.

Temperature regulation:

Temperature is regulated with three regulation zones via temperature regulators realized within Siemens PLC. Complete control system can be remotely accessed for purposes of diagnostics or reprogramming of control/supervision system .


Operating conditions:

This furnace, as are other ovens and furnaces of our production, is built for industrial usage in harshest condition, and in practically non-stop operation.

Main technical data:
Operating temperature:1300°C
Useful dimensions:1.08 x 1.2 x 2.16 [m]
Power:150 [kW]
Position of heaters-on sides
-front door
-back door
Cooling and air exchangeFour valves are driven with servo-motors, positions are programmed while programming time-temperature curve

Important note:

Here displayed furnace is only an example of furnace built on customer request, almost all of our products are built in dimensions and technical parameters based on customer requirements. Deliver us your requirement to receive offer for furnace custom made for your production.

Additional equipment:

Every furnace from our production can be built as electric or gas furnace.
Our furnaces can be delivered with options:

  • Single/double winged doors or pneumatic opening of doors
  • Door locking
  • Automatic transport in/out of furnace
  • Professional data logger
  • ON/OFF or continuous power regulation
  • Forced extraction or fumes
  • Forced cooling
  • Other requirements
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