VET towing tractors have a key role in airports, they are used for transport of equipment such as passenger stairs, cargo loaders, air starters, cleaning/service equipment and most often as tow tractors for towing multiple trailers with baggage.
These tractors can also be used as push-back tractor for smaller airplanes (with appropriate equipment).
Airport are most often application but this vehicle type can be wherever high power vehicle is required.


Our diesel tow tractor has low mass centre, this is accomplished by installing motor in vehicle centre, in-between front and rear axle. We have achieved increased stability and manoeuvrability, at the same time we have positioned driver to front of vehicle where driver has increased visibility and a lot lower entry height.
Above engine bay loading area is addition to overall increased vehicle performance.

Self-supported chassis is built for front and back towing, chassis is mostly built from 10mm steel plates which ensures rigidity and harsh application suitability.
High powered drive axle with high steering angle on front axle allows extremely small turning radius for size of this vehicle.
Driver cabin accommodates driver and co-driver, seats are equipped with suspension, steering wheel is tilt and height adjustable. Loading area is positioned behind cabin for transport of small amounts of baggage or appropriate equipment.

Drive system:

Middle positioned diesel engine is coupled with transmission via torque converter. This enables excellent traction force and top speed. Displayed vehicle has one speed forward/one speed backward, alternative options are available.

Mode of operation:

These vehicles are exposed to harsh application, especially during tourist seasons when airport capacity is on the limit, reliable equipment is a must have to ensure non-issue operation at worst case scenarios.


We have taken special attention on manoeuvring capabilities, turning in small spaces is enabled with high visibility cabin, hydraulic steering, high turning angle, and light and accurate steering wheel.

Main technical characteristics:
Drawbar pull17 000N
Length - L3100mm
Width – W1320mm
Weight 3000kg
Loading area-length –L11790mm
Loading area-width -H21295mm
Ground clearence – H1150mm
Turning radius-R3360mm
Front wheel dimension21 x 4
Rear wheel dimension7.50-15
BrakesDual-circle system with hydraulic power assist
Parking brakeNormally braked, hydraulic release
Front suspensionLeaf springs
Rear suspensionLeaf springs
Interior/electric equipment:
Driver seatHydraulically damped suspension
Co-driver seatHydraulically damped suspension
Steering columnAdjustable by height/tilt
Motor typeHatz air cooled motor (water cooled on new vehicles)
Motor power36,4 kW
Drive blockMonoblock transmission, differencial, drum brakes
Motor/transmission linkageTorque converter


Končar termotehnika is engineering company opened to customer ideas, we willing to design or adapt vehicle based on customer requirements.

Končar Termotehnika