Electric furnace (oven) – 600°C


This electric furnace is developed on request of customer involved into production of aluminium castings for automobile industry. This furnace type is used for flowing heat processes:

  • Sand decomposition after aluminium casting

Before casting complex aluminium parts interior form is made out of sand insert.
This sand insert must be extracted before further processing.
Some aluminium foundries use vibration methodology which is loud, generates a lot of dust and it’s sometimes inefficient.

By using binder for sand inserts which has optimal decomposition temperature process of sand extraction can be made with minimal manual labour and with higher repeatability.

  • Aluminum artificial aging/ stabilizing

After casting products, or after solution heat treatment products  have embedded internal stress which is in most applications unwanted and it is required to settle internal stress. At room temperature settling of material is generally very slow. By heat treatment process of artificial aging ensures consistent material properties and enables faster production of more consistent product quality.

Artificial aging is done on a large range of temperature from 150°C to 400°C depending of previous processes, chemical composition, and required product properties after heat treatment.

Furnace description:

furnace is equipped with fans of our own production. Fan ensures high intensity airflow inside furnace. Electric heaters are installed on left and right side of oven. Temperature regulation is made on a such way to achieve continuous power regulation, temperature regulator is properly set-up and as a result temperature regulation is high quality and within very tight tolerances. Temperature regulators are standardly realized within furnace  PLC, but depending on requirements regulation can be realized with standard regulators.
Furnace allows high quality heat treatment of aluminium.
Temperature distribution inside furnace volume is very important for consistent quality of final products so our furnaces are go to solution in this application area.

Furnace construction:

Oven is built in our standard system for temperatures up to 600°C.
Robust construction, and thick insulation ensure low thermal losses and ensure good base for fan, heaters and other equipment. This furnace is very often bought together with Plant for solution heat treatment, to achieve T6 temper.

 Operating conditions:

This furnace, as are other ovens and furnaces of our production, is built for industrial usage in harshest condition, and in practically non-stop operation.

Furnace fans for internal atmosphere circulation:

Fans that we use on our ovens and furnaces are our own product and we have went thru several minor modifications of construction during last 30 years, fans are now extremely reliable, they are high capacity fans with very low maintenance requirements. Same construction of fans we adapted for use up to 950°C.

Heating elements:

Heating elements are a product of a high quality producer which produces heaters for word-wide customers. Heaters are not considered as a wear element and they don’t break down in expected operating conditions.

Product transport:

Product transport is automatic or semi-automatic (manual transport in some instances) depending on customer requirements.
In automatic version products are loaded to travelling floor (trolley) and process is started.
Products are automatically transported in furnace, door close, and heat treatment cycle is started. At the end of time-temperature curve products are automatically unloaded form furnace.

Main technical data:
Operating temperature:up to 600°C
Usefull dimensions:1.9 x 0.9 x 2.1 [m]
Power:140 [kW] (electric heaters)
Circulation:2 fans, each with power of 4 [kW]
Door opening:Vertical, with pneumatic cylinders
Product transport:Travelling floor driven with motor-reducer
Place of installation:EU

Important note:

Here displayed furnace is only an example of furnace built on customer request, almost all of our products are built in dimensions and technical parameters based on customer requirements. Deliver us your requirement to receive offer for furnace custom made for your production.

Additional equipment:

Every furnace from our production can be built as electric or gas furnace.
Our furnaces can be delivered with options:

  • Single/double winged doors or pneumatic opening of doors
  • Door locking
  • Automatic transport in/out of furnace
  • Professional data logger
  • ON/OFF or continuous power regulation
  • Forced extraction or fumes
  • Forced cooling
  • Other requirements
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