Gas furnace (oven) – 600°C


This gas furnace is developed for customer involved into production of aluminium castings for automotive industry.


Furnace is equipped with 2 fans and 4 burners(each of power 80kW) to achieve very strict requirements on temperature distribution within oven volume.
Furnace temperature regulation is made with PLC or with temperature regulators.
Furnace enables baking of large amounts of products in very high quality.

This furnace is used mostly for artificial aging of aluminium, but it can be used for sand decomposition after aluminium casting or even for different process up to 600°C

Oven construction:

Oven is built based on our construction system which excels in insulation quality and chassis robustness. This ensures long-term reliability and extremely long live cycle of our ovens especially when compared with other potential producers.

Operating conditions

This oven, as are other ovens and furnaces of our production, is built for industrial usage in harshest condition, and in practically non-stop operation.

Furnace fans

Fans that we use on our ovens and furnaces are our own product and we have went thru several minor modifications of construction during last 30 years, fans are now extremely reliable, they are high capacity fans with very low maintenance requirements. Same construction of fans we adapted for use up to 950°C.


Installed burners are built for industrial application, burners are built by reliable supplier.Transport proizvoda

Burner flame tubes

Burners are installed into flame tubes, this ensures clean heat treatment volume while using burners. At the same time flame tubes enhance temperature distribution within furnace and increase operational safety.
Open flame burners can negatively impact final colour of aluminum.

Product transport

This furnace is equipped with charging cart which is motor-driven.
Furnace doors are also driven, but in this case with pneumatic cylinders.
This enables customer to load/unload products on/off trolley with forklift or overhead crane and simply start process. Furnace will automatically open doors, load furnace with products, close doors and after heat treatment cycle furnace will be automatically unloaded.

Internal plating

Internal plating is built out of stainless steel sheet metal. This construction system lowers total furnace weight when compared with brick furnaces. This lowers heat consumption per cycle, increases maximal allowable speed of heating and allows for easy maintenance in case of operator damage made to internal walls. Materials selected for internal plating guarantee long term operation.

Plating is built based on our special assembly system which eliminates damage to internal plating due to unwanted temperature dilation of internal plating.

Our furnace will not generate waves on internal plating.

Operating temperature:600°C
Useful dimensions:1.3 x 1.7 x 2.1 [m]
Heating power:4 x 80 [kW] (gas burners)
Air flow:2 fans, each with power of 4 [kW]
Door opening system:Upward with pneumatic cylinders
Loading/unloading:Charging cart driven with motor-reducer
Application:Aluminum heat treatment and sand model decomposition
Place of installation:EU

Here displayed oven is only an example of oven built on customer request, almost all of our products are built in dimensions and technical parameters based on customer requirements. Deliver us your requirement to receive offer for oven custom made for your production.


Every oven from our production can be built as electric or gas oven.
Our ovens can be delivered with options:

  • Single/double winged doors or pneumatic opening of doors
  • Door locking
  • Automatic transport in/out of oven
  • Professional data logger
  • ON/OFF or continuous power regulation
  • Forced extraction or fumes
  • Forced cooling
  • Other requirements
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