Ovens, furnaces and kilns

We are producer of industrial furnaces, ovens and kilns.
Furnaces we produce can be self-standing, independent products, or integrated insto larger production line.
Designing, manufacturing, on site assembly and start-up of plants, furnaces, ovens and dryers is all in our span of work.
Confirmation of our quality and reliability is large number of satisfied buyers and high quality of products heat treated in our furnaces.
Long-lasting tradition of desing and production of furnaces (more than 50 years) enables us to adapt our furnaces during projecting phase to specific demands of buyer and thermal process, so we can compete with competition with price, quality and technical characteristics.

We’re manufacturing furnaces and plants for wide span of thermal processes such as Drying, Ageing, Annealing, Decomposition of sand after casting, Hardening, Tempering, Carburizing, Nitrating, Carbo-nitrating

We are producing furnaces for a range of operating temperatures: 250 : 450 : 600 : 750 : 950 : 1150 : 1350   °C

Končar Termotehnika