Vehicle application:

Electric-vehicle EKN 1001 has multiple transport purposes. It is used as a vehicle with 1000kg carry capacity and loading dimensions 1500 x 1000 mm, towing engine for one or more  trailers and as a base extensions such as:

-lifting platform


-mobile feeder for farms

-mobile refrigerator

Main vehicle components:

-robust steel construction

-AC electric motor with mechanical reducer


-electronic speed regulator

-mechanical or hydraulic brakes

Electric drive:

Traction motor with nominal power of 4,2 kW is driven by properly dimensioned inverter.
This results with high performance characteristics of vehicle in all operating conditions.
Quality inverter ensures high starting torque and short term increased motor power by two/three fold with respect to nominal power.
Energy recuperation during braking increases vehicle range, inverter automatically converts motor operation from motor to generator mode during braking phase.

Devices for safe vehicle usage:

-safety from vehicle movement while driver is not in driving position

-unauthorized usage is disabled with safety key.

-front and back lighting


On customer request vehicle is equipped with:

– Driver cabin
– increased (large) loading platform
– affixed or removable loading area sided

Loading area:

Cargo bay is covered with waterproof plywood or on demand with ribbed steel sheet
Battery access for replacement, service or maintenance is very easy.

Drive options:

– AC motor

Driving on slopes

Vehicle is equipped with automatic parking brake.
Automatic parking brake is automatically activated/released.
Request for driving automatically release brake and starts up/down slope without any driver intervention.
Brake is automatically activated as soon as vehicle stops or emergency situation is detected.

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