Heating for public transportation


Electric heating for public transportation is product range that we work on for over 20 years.
All of our products were designed based on customer requirements on size, design and power.
We can develop following variant for heating:

-Passive heaters (natural air flow)
-Active heaters (forced air flow)
-Heater inserts (installation under customers plating)
-Floor heating (heating system installed into vehicle floor)



During development of this type of heating solutions all certifications which are required are made to ensure final conformity with requirements.
As an example all products for this application passed vibration certification.

Conditions in exploitation:

Operating conditions on public transportation vehicles is extremely demanding due to continuous vibrations, and very often due to large supply voltage variations.

Our experience allows us to fulfil all requirements and finish development and testing phase in short time envelope. Start of serial production can be achieved in extremely short time periods.

Air flow:

Air flow is on each type of heaters specific and adapted to vehicle conditions, at the same time air flow must be adapted to requirements which arise from heater design given by designers.

Control system:

Depending on request control system can be in multiple options:

– integrated into housing

– distributed outside of housing

– Heating system is delivered without control system, but with defined requirements on control system

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