Modern electric vehicle with excellent turning radius, low own weight and large capacity battery allows large operation range. Vehicle is equipped with modern electronics and it is standardly adapted to required transport geometry to allow multi-trailer operation.
This vehicle is usually used as Puller or so called Tug for pulling single or multiple trailers.

Often usage is on:

-rail and bus terminals
-post offices (sorting facilities)
-sport halls and stadions

Main components:

Rigid steel chassis appropriate for rough handling, it is powered by 4,2 kW(continuous power) AC motor, speed/torque/power is controlled by top tier inverter.
Motor drives rear axle with mechanical reducer and with mechanic differential, axle is built for heavy exploitation and allows towing in worst application scenarios.

Devices for safe vehicle usage:

-unathorised usage is disabled with use of key
-driver presence switch
-automatic parking brake
-lighting on front and back side

Additional options:

-Different drive solutions are available (high power/high torque solution)
-Driver cabin


Končar termotehnika is engineering company opened to customer ideas, we willing to design or adapt vehicle based on customer requirements.

Driving on slopes

Vehicle is equipped with automatic parking brake.
Automatic parking brake is automatically activated/released.
Request for driving automatically release brake and starts up/down slope without any driver intervention.
Brake is automatically activated as soon as vehicle stops or emergency situation is detected.

Končar Termotehnika