Electric-vehicle EKN 2001 has multiple transport purposes. It is used as a vehicle with 2000kgcarrying capacity and loading dimensions 2260 x 1250 mm, towing engine and as a base for many extensions.


Electric-vehicle is equipped with wheel dimensions 6.00-13 IND PR or with full rubber wheels depending of usage environment. Loading floor is built from ribed steel or waterproof plywood. Loading space can be enclosed with insertable folding sides, standard type is without enclosure.

Devices for safe vehicle usage:

-safety from vehicle movement while driver is not in driving position
-unauthorized usage is disabled with safety key
-front and back lighting

Vehicle manouvering:

Driving in standing position is enabling visibility, and is very suitable for storehouses, and factory halls (forward and backward movement without space for turning).
Driving forward/backward is easy and requires no turning space.

Loading area:

Loading space is covered with easy removable floor for inspecting and charging battery pack.
Different versions of loading area floor and installation of loading area sides is available.

Specialty upgrades:

On request we can offer installation and integration of specialty equipment such as loading crane, loading platform, fuel tank(for supplying other vehicles), transporter for goods and similar.

On customer request vehicle can be equipped with variants:

-Different drive systems (higher motor power, singo motor instead of dual)
-Driver cabin to protect driver form wind and rain, also option with driver sitting position is possible, see EKS1001.
-Increased loading area
-Increased weight capacity

Driving on slopes

Vehicle is equipped with automatic parking brake.
Automatic parking brake is automatically activated/released.
Request for driving automatically release brake and starts up/down slope without any driver intervention.
Brake is automatically activated as soon as vehicle stops or emergency situation is detected.

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