Waterjet and other services
Example of part during manufacturing
CNC punching/nibbling machine - Trumpf
In addition to manufacturing products from our own product range, we offer available machine capacities to other companies.
Me can manufacture based on buyer drawings or develop product or create necessary drawings in cooperation with buyer.
We provide processing services for CNC punching/nibbling machine.

Manufacturer: Trumpf
Machine table: 2000 x 1000 mm (without repositioning)
Max sheet thickness: 6.4 mm
Max punching force: 250kN
Max diameter of each hole: 76.2 mm (when processing is achieved by nibbling any hole diameter is possible)

For a given machine we have a large amount of tools, so we're able to adapt to the demands of users.
Example of washing enclosure built based on customer drawings - inox version
We offer services on CNC cutting machine for water jet cutting.
  Cutting is performed with water at a pressure of 3800 bar in combination with the abrasive, which allows the cutting of steel up to a thickness of 100 mm.

This technology can cut virtually all materials including:
-insulation materials

cutting is done without heating which allows easier further machining.

Machine Specifications:

Machine table: 2 x 4 m
Vertical travel of head: 250 mm
Positioning Accuracy: + / - 0.08 mm
Repeat accuracy: + / - 0.05 mm
Maximum speed: 12 000 mm / min

It is possible to cut workpieces of any shape based on the submitted drawings, drawings made in AutoCAD compatible format (DXF) are directly loaded to our machine, on a special order we can parts based on picture(black and white).

Machine, pump and other equipment are manufactured by the German manufacturer.
We have a wide range of equipment, some of it is:

- Hydraulic shears l = 3 m, d = 13mm
- Hydraulic press for bending force 135 tons, length 3 m
- More equipment for REL, MIG / MAG and TIG welding
- Band saw for cutting logs up to diameter 270 mm  or rectangle logs 350 * 240 mm