Metal pot dimensions:             -diameter    1500 mm
                                                   -depth          1000 mm

Pot type:                                    -NiCr steel

Installed power:                         -20 kW

Type of heaters:                        - Electrical tubular heater

Temperature regulation:           -Automatic

Temperature measurement:    -Inside melted material

Protection:                                 -overheating protection on heaters
                                                    -spill channel
                                                    -Signalization of melted material inside spill channel

Closing of access area:          -two part cover lid

Manipulation of cover lid:        -manual

Place of installation:                -Croatia
Melting furnaces
Melting furnaces are build for melting of various types of materials.

Furnaces are built with: a.) metal pot
                                         b.) graphite or SiC pot        

Furnaces with metal pot have pot built from NiCr steel (lead, white-metal) or pot from technically clean steel (zinc).

Furnaces with graphite or SiC pot are built for melting and maintaining temperature of aluminum (and its alloys) and copper (and its alloys).

By demands on construction furnaces can be fixed or beveling
By demands on heating source furnaces can be gas fired or electrical.
Working volume of pot and power are defined based on buyer demands and calculation.
Delivery time is from 2-5 months (depending of type and size of furnace).

Melting furnace for white-metal
Melting furnace for aluminum
Pot cappacity:                        -73 liters

Pot type:                                  -SiC

Pot height:                               -600mm

Heating power:                        -50kW

Temperature regulation:         -automatic

Type of heaters:                       -spiral

Heaters exchange:                  -fast and simple, each row has only one heater

Mounting of heaters:                -chamotte mount

Exchange of heater mounts:   -finished in one day
                                                   -disassembly of isolation isn't necessary

Closing of access area:          -cover lid

Cover lid manipulation:            -pneumatic

Safety:                                       -safety thermostat
                                                   -spill channel
                                                   -signalization of melted material inside spill channel