Industrial furnaces(ovens)
Overview of  some Electrical chamber furnaces, Electrical pass-thru furnaces,
Gas chamber furnaces and Automated plants we produced is available at matching pages.

Our longterm experience enables us to adapt(project) our furnaces and plants for wide span of heat treatments, including heat treatment in protective atmosphere. We're manufacturing furnaces and plants for wide span of heat treatments such as:

       Decomposition of sand after casting
       Thermal processes with protective atmosphere

Except of furnaces and plants for heat treatment we also produce melting furnaces for melting of non-ferrous metals Melting furnaces.
We are producer of industrial furnaces and dryers, gas or electricaly fueled, they also can be component of plant.
Projecting, manufacturing, on site assembly and start up of plants, furnaces, ovens and dryers is all in our span of work.
Confirmation of our quality and reliability is large number of satisfied buyers and high quality of products after thermal processing(heat treatment) in our furnaces.
Long lasting tradition of producing (more than 50 years) equipment for heat treatment enables us to adapt our furnaces during projecting phase  to specific demands of buyer and process of heat treatment, so we can compete with competition with price, quality and technical characteristics.
We are producing furnaces for a range of operating temperatures:        
                       250 : 450 : 600 : 750 : 950 : 1150 : 1350   °C

Inner shielding:
                       Furnace inner shielding up to temperature of 450°C is made out of steel or Ni-Cr plate,
                       for temperatures from 450°C up to 600°C only out of Ni-Cr plate.
                       Furnaces for temperatures from  750°C up to 1350°C are build with inner shielding
                       made of chamotte panels thick from 25 up to 35mm.

Furnace isolation:
                       Furnace isolation up to 600°C is made out of stone wool, for all other range of
                       temperatures isolation is made from different combinations of stone and
                       ceramic wool.

Operating space types:
                       Chamber, shuttle, belt conveyor (tunnel), pit-type, chest-type, bogie heart.

Furnance opening:
                       Opening is closed with doors, doors can be manipulated by hand, pneumatics or
                       hydraulically powered mechanism.

Furnace dimensions:
                       Our building technology allows us to supply customer with furnace of requested
                       dimensions, operating volume can standardlly be from 30 to 100 cubic meters.
                       Our building system enables us to build furnace of practically any requested
                       dimension or size.

Atmosphere circulation:        
                       Atmosphere circulation is conducted with goal to maintain homogeneous atmosphere.
                       With lower temperature circulation intensity is higher.
                       Atmosphere circulation can be installed for temperatures up to 950°C

Control and supervision:
                       Temperature is regulated with reliable programmers based on micro-processors or PLC
                       based control.
                       Recording of furnace parameters is carried out with electronic recorder or it can be
                       included as extra function of PLC control (HMI  manages recording and saving).
                       Control and regulation is conducted by reliable programmers and flame controllers.
                       Complete system can be supervised by a central computer.        

Above mentioned heat treatment processes are just an example of our possibilities, we are capable of adapting our furnaces/plant during  projecting phase to almost any heat treatment proces.