Electric vehicle EKN 2001
Electric-vehicle EKN 2001 has multiple transport purposes. It is used as a vehicle with 2000kg carrying capacity and loading dimensions 2260 x 1250 mm, towing engine and as a base for many extensions

Electric-vehicle is equipped with wheel dimensions 6.00-13 IND PR or with full rubber wheels depending of usage environment. Loading floor is built from ribed steel or waterproof plywood. Loading space can be enclosed with insertable folding sides, standard type is without enclosure.

Basic elements of vehicle are robust steel construction, two electric drives with cumulative power of 8,4 kW(nominal), electronic speed regulator, mechanical reducer and battery.

Electric-vehicle is equipped  with safety device which disables vehicle movement while driver is not in driving position. Unauthorized usage is disabled with safety key.

Driving in standing position is enabling visibility, and is very suitable for storehouses, and factory halls (forward and backward movement without turning space)

Loading space is covered with easy removable floor for inspecting and charging battery pack.

Battery replacing is very simple, enabling operating in double battery cycle. 

On demand we can equip:

-Electronic speed regulator
-Driver cabin
-Battery charge indicator

NEW - EKN 2001 EAC-L

-version vith increased weight capacity 4000 kg
-loading area increased to  3000 x 1250 mm
-motor power 2 x 4,2 kW (maximal 2 x 11 kW ( 3' ))

Electrical vehicle with increased capacity and loading area
EKS vehicle version
Driver in seating position