Automated heat treatment plants
Automatic plant for hardening of aluminum casts

Automatic pass-thru plant for heat treatment
Plant of big chamber furnaces
Automated plant is composed from one or multiple furnaces, one or multiple baths for hardening and device for product manipulation

Product manipulation device can be operated in one, two or three axis, method of controlling these operations can be:
-automatic(all operations pre-programmed)

In all mentioned methods of operation temperature control is automatic, by microprocessor based regulators or by PLC control system.

Automatic plant composed of multiple cave kilns
for thermochemical processing
The installation of electric furnaces for the cave Thermochemical treatment is set-up as a series of furnaces and auxiliary equipment, they are formed in the technological line that covers the heat treatment for a wide range of structural steel and the procedures required by modern industry.
Process control is fully automated.

The main plant components are:
       oven for heat treatment in controlled atmosphere (750-1000 ° C) 
       oven for stress relieving and nitration (up to 750 ° C) 
       bath for quenching in oil 
       bath for quenching in water
       washing machine  
       cooling pit

All processes take place in a hermetically sealed retort with strong circulation of protective gas, circulation is achieved by the fan in the lid of the crucible.

Parts for thermochemical processing are placed on the rack adaptable to various shapes so that the optimal availability of retort is ensured.

Furnace is made from lightweight refractory and insulating materials so it allows short heating and cooling times and reduces heat losses to an optimal level. Furnace has its own hydraulic lifting system of  retort lid. Crucible is built from refractory steel and on the upper part has a flange with a seal, to which lid is lowered.

The crucible is equipped with pipes for directing the circulation of furnace atmosphere.

Baths for hardening in oil and water are principally the same. Equiped with a strong circulation pumps , electric heaters for heating media to operating temperature, and heat exchanger for cooling the media after the hardening.

Washing machine is equipped with high-pressure pump that pushes the washing medium to through the nozzles which uniformly surround the work area and wash workpieces.
The plant is developed for serial production of parts in the automotive industry with strict requirements on quality and reliability. The plant works in three shifts, which is allowed by a minimum regular service, and high reliability. Plant worker visits every eight hours (loading and unloading), a process of heating, annealing, quenching and setting the finished workpieces in position for unloading is done automatically.
This plant consists of a furnace for tempering, hardening bath, the device for vertical transportation of pieces, the device for horizontal transport of pieces and the furnace with the secondary function of heat treatment - annealing.
Useful dimensions:
   1.3 x 0.9 x2.1 [m]

Brutto mass of pieces:
   1300 [kg]

Cycle duration:
   8 [h]

Furnace power:
   140 [kW]

Source of energy:

Bath volume:
   17.5 m3

Water circulation:
   three pumps, possibility of draining bath with pump

Manipulator drive:

Door drive:

Floor trolley drive:
   multi-speed motor with reducer

End position control:

Manipulator position :
   behind furnace with forks inside furnace

Hardness of casts after heat treatment:
   90-96 [HB]

Place of installation:

The plant of multiple chamber furnaces is set up  as a line of furnaces, one by another. In front of furnaces below the level of zero are positioned baths for quenching in oil and water. In front of the furnaces is mounted manipulator on rails which allows the transmission of the material in three directions. It is possible to operate a wide range of heat treatment:
       -quenching of austenitic and tool steels

It is possible to simultaneously run multiple programs when the installation is with multiple chamber furnaces and baths for quenching.
Technological parameters, the temperature in the furnace, the temperature of oil and water in baths for quenching, speed and time of heating and cooling systems are adjustable at control device.

Regulating the temperature of each furnace is automatic - programmed and recording of temperatures is via digital recorders.

Baths for quenching are equipped with strong centrifugal pump for an intense circulation of coolant. Coolant is circulated through the heat exchanger and kept at operating temperature, heat exchanger is cooled by water flow. Baths are equipped with system for evacuation of exhaust gases and vapors during quenching. Oil bath is protected by semi-automatic CO2 fire protection.

Replenishment of water or oil in baths is automatic, and heating oil to operating temperature is carried out by electric tubular heaters. Baths for quenching are covered with removable lid wich is automatically operated.

Furnaces are heated by spiral heaters. Opening and closing of doors is achieved by hydraulic cylinders. Above the oven doors are installed hoods connected to central system  for evacuating  hot air and fumes at the door.

Serving the oven and baths is done by the hydraulic manipulator.

The plant can operate in manual, semiautomatic and automatic operation.

The plant is scheduled to work in three shifts.

Operating temperature of the furnaces is 750 and 1200 ° C
Maximal load - 5000kg
Automatic pass-thru plant is composed of basic technological units that are interconnected by transport and software system that provides pre-programmed automatic operation.
The plant has two main automatic programs which work as follows:
       -Tempering program
       -Soft-annealing program

The basic technological units are:
       -Oven-higher temperatures (950 ° C)
       -Bath for quenching (oil or water + polymer agent)
       -Chamber for washing by spraying (with or without immersion)
       -Drying Chamber
       -Oven-low temperature (750 ° C)
       -Cooling chamber

The transport system consists of:
       -Loading/unloading table
       -Input tables of upper and lower temperature oven
       -The conveyor from quenching bath to input table of lower temperature oven
       -System for removing racks from higher temperature oven and their transport to quenching bath
       -Device for lowering and lifting racks out of quenching bath
       -Racks for transport of parts

All parts of the transportation system as well as  door opening system are realized by hydraulics.

Transport of racks through the plant is realized based on cycle, cycle duration and quenching period are programmable.
Control system ensures automatic rack transport through the plant and maintenance of all technological parameters such as:
       -temperature of higher temperature oven (by zone)
       -temperature of lower temperature oven (by zone)
       -temperature of medium in bath for quenching
       -temperature of washing medium
       -temperature of air in drying chamber
       -level of washing medium
       -By customer demand recording of technological parameters, records are in electronic form and can be transferred to personal computer.