Air heating
With our production capacity, large experience and technical solutions we can offer to customer air distribution devices and heating of air according to specific purpose and requirements.
Heating source can be electrical or gas fired (gas fired devices have a minimum of 30 kw installed power).
How to determine the approximate power required for heating of  space to temperature 20 ° C:

necessary data to calculate:
-floor area of space - P
-average height - H


P z H z 0.05 = ___ [kW]

When calculating required power it is necessary  to take into account the limitations of heat transfer, and thus for the space of floor dimensions 12 x 11 meters is recommended to use 3-4 sources of heat.

By calculation of required power with the above given formula, and  for a given height of 4 meters of space - calculation shows: 26.4 kW

For usage of our standard industrial-type heaters 4EG ,following configuration is acceptable:
3 x 4EG9 (27 kW total installed power)

When defining the position of heater it is recommended to choose appropriate installation height.
Hot air is lighter and flows upward, so it is appropriate to mount heaters on a lower position (for example 2.5 m) and to tilt them downward to achieve better temperature distribution.